Quo Vadis Continous Integration

Continous Integration is one the current buzzwords in the software development area. Everyone who’s familiar with open source and/or JAVA knows Jenkins as one way to built up a CI environment. Jenkins is a nice tool for Continous Integration and could be also used for Continous Delivery. For example you can use a job to […]

Introducing Xtext

DSL’s are the new buzzword together with Cloud, not only since Groovy or similiar tools. With Xtext you get a really easy to use tool for creating an Eclipse-based editor and code generator. Xtext is a powerfull toolset, which eases the creation of your own DSL. To find out more about Xtext please check my […]

My first owncloud app roundcube

Get ready for my new app on github: Roundcube is an app which integrates an already installed roundcube mail interface into the owncloud interfaces. It uses the API of roundcube for providing auto-login. See more on GitHub.