New version of RoundCube App for OwnCloud

I’ve created a new Version of  my Roundcube App for OwnCloud, which adds a Autologin feature to the app.

Screenshot of Roundcube App for OwnCloud

Screenshot of Roundcube App for OwnCloud

So if you’re using the same user in owncloud and roundcube, you don’t need to save your credentials in roundcube. They will be automatically saved to the app.

The error handling is now much better and helps the user with configuration errors

The code is now more cleaner and the log doesn’t show PHP errors anymore, instead the error handling should help to figure out what’s the problem.

The following issues were fixed:

  • fixed security issues
  • fixing login and logout issues
  • better error handling
  • problems with RoundCube 0.7, 0.8 and 0,8
  • fixed layout issues
  • more meaningfull log debug

This should be the last version before the next major release 1.2 If anyone wants to have a new feature added for 1.2, feel free to to open up an issue, here. For release 1.2 I will add multiple account support.

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