Cordova and PhoneGap Encryption

Any developer who uses Cordova is aware of this: The source code of a Cordova/Phonegap App can be read in clear text. Just download the app archive (IPA or APK) and unzip it. Now everyone can read your source code. You can tweak or make it harder to read with uglify or minify but still […]

Test-Driven Development of Responsive Layouts with Galen

It’s a pain for testers and developers. Running an application with different browsers. Resize the browser window and verify that the web page is working on different screen size. Due to “Responsive Design” there are high efforts on this kind of stuff. Sure it’s possible to calculate the delta between images to ensure that the […]

Hybrid web applications with Cordova and AngularJS

The problem is everywhere for a typical multi-tier architecture. The UI calculation is done at server-side and the browser just displays the data. That was the typical architecture for several years. Every interaction with the user needs the server backend. Especially with lower bandwidth this is a big issue and the server needs to know […]

Chrome 24 – Recent closed tabs are gone

After the latest Update of Google Chrome the recent closed tabs are gone and the new homepage  is used. I don’t like the new one and found I trick restore the old homepage again. So I’ll share it here. I’ve taken the steps from the Chrome product forum (!topic/chrome/6oFu2gXMGzk): Open a new tab with the address chrome://flags Go […]

Mac with SSD freezes after some time

If you experience the problem that your mac freeze after one or two hours of usage, you shouldn’t blame Apple, if you’re using a SSD: I’ve found this entry. The error came up from a firmware error in the Crucial SSD. So I went to the Crucial homepage, burned the ISO-File onto a CD and […]

Sign the Software Craftsmanship Manifesto

Good software is important. Everybody should now that… But how to do that? by sharing the experience and maintain a community. So one very good way is to sign the Software Craftsmanship Manifesto and participate in the community. You can join the germany community share your knowledge and participate in the network And because christmas will […]